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    Modern 5-star luxury in Mauritius


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    Modern 5-star luxury in Mauritius

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Luxury Spa Mauritius

Luxury Spa Resort in Mauritius

The Aura Spa experience is for those who seek well-being, comfort and care whilst respecting the tranquility of the mind. The word ’aura’ is often associated with a special atmosphere, full of life and emotion, something impalpable, something that is sensed. It is in perfect harmony with the philosophy of this Mauritian spa, inviting each individual to discover unexplored delights and sensations.

An ’aura’ is also a subtle energy field that envelopes and protects each individual. This energy is a reflection of our emotional health as well as our mental activity. The therapists at this Mauritian spa respect the Aura Spa philosophy; they believe in a holistic experience, which leaves body, mind and soul relaxed and rejuvenated.

Luxury Spa Mauritius

Aura Hammam, exclusive in Mauritius

The Aura Hammam at Sugar Beach is an oasis of calm, far from the stress of your normal daily routine.

Mind and body sink into the tranquil surroundings whilst the senses benefit from the peace and quiet. In this blissful calm, take time to meditate to the sound of the fountains and cascades, or make the most of the benefits of an invigorating Mauritian massage in the expert hands of an Aura Spa Hammam therapist.

Couples on honeymoon in Mauritius and other guests can reserve partner treatment sessions in private rooms.

Luxury Spa Mauritius

The magical Aura Spa Hammam

Once you have changed into your swimming costume and the ’pareo’ or wraparound skirt given to you, you are ready to enter the sensory universe of the Aura Hammam.
We recommend you take a shower upon entering the tepidarium and wear the slippers provided so as to respect hygiene and safety advice.
The Aura Hammam tepidarium is a vast room that is hot and humid; it is equipped with water jets, heated marble benches and decorated with mosaics, reminiscent of the Roman times from where these warm bathrooms originated).

Relax in the heated pool

Chill out for a while in Aura Hammam’s heated pool, and then you will be ready to receive all the benefits of the treatments whilst making the most of the calm atmosphere.

To fully enjoy your Aura Hammam experience, choose your Ritual:

Classic Beauty
Relaxation Ritual

Massage and body treatments

For a truly sensual voyage, let yourself go in the expert hands of the therapists at this Mauritian spa and find inner peace and well-being.

Thanks to a wide choice of international and Mauritian massages and body treatments, the Aura Spa is able to meet your every need.

Luxury Spa Mauritius

Aura Spa, the pleasure of a massage

Relaxing, rejuvenating, exfoliating or slimming, the massages and treatments offered at this luxury Mauritian hotel spa are ever popular.
After your treatment, you can try a detoxifying drink served whilst you relax on the comfy beds in the private Aura Spa gardens.

Beauty treatments

A holiday is the perfect pampering opportunity

Make the most of your stay in this five star in Mauritius hotel and let the Aura Spa skin care professionals enhance your natural beauty: regenerate your skin (that may have been exposed to the sun, wind, salt or chlorine) or discover the pleasure of a facial treatment or a manicure.

Luxury Spa Mauritius

Hair Salon

The combination of sun, wind, chlorine and salt is a deadly cocktail for your hair. For this reason, the Aura Spa Hair Salon puts its stylists at your service.

For a luxury hair treatment or for a new look, or a blow dry or even a new colour, treat yourself to a well deserved beauty session at the Aura Spa Hair Salon.

Spa de l'hôtel Sugar beach

Fitness Centre

If you care about your health and fitness, our team of professionals at the Sugar Beach Aura Spa will give you advice and offer a unique experience adapted to your specific needs. The different fitness programmes and the ultra modern equipment even make the experience of getting fitter pleasant.

The fitness centre is open to all guests every day from 6am until 7pm. The centre offers a personal trainer service for bespoke programmes and advice (These services are available on request for a supplement)

Luxury Spa Mauritius

Access to Aura Spa Hammam

Access to the Hammam is offered free of charge to guests having treatments at the spa.
They will be entitled to do 30 minutes hammam before their treatment. The Aura Main
Trepidarium is open from 09h00 to 19h00. In addition, the Aura Caldarium (steam room)
and Frigidarium (chilled plunge pool) are open between 12h00 and 15h30.
Access for guests just wishing to enjoy the hammam facilities is chargeable. Advance
reservation is required and will be granted upon availability.
Access is granted as from 14 years old onwards and swimwear is compulsory.

General information

In order to benefit from every moment spent at the Aura Spa, while respecting other users, please take the time to read our user guide and useful tips

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