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Our exquisite Sugar Beach Mauritius unravels along the breathtaking sunset coast, with an unrivalled stretch of beach fringed by vivid green palm trees and lapped by crystal waters. Manicured lush gardens envelop colonial-inspired accommodation adding to the plantation-style theme, all of which make for the perfect backdrop for the myriad of diverse activities we have on offer. Our hotel activities are carefully selected with our guests in mind ensuring that they can make the most of our idyllic island paradise. Whether you are looking for blissful indulgence on the beach, to reconnect with yourself or to make the most of the host of incredible water sports, we have just the thing for you.

  • Water sports and Diving

    There’s no limit on the number of incredible ways our guests can take advantage of our gorgeous, tropical, cerulean lagoon or pool. With a myriad of motorised and non-motorised water sports as well as exceptional diving for divers of all abilities, you are bound to find a water-based activity that you love. From snorkelling, water skiing and parasailing to spectacular diving, kayaking and water polo—we have a little something for everyone.
  • Escapes and Excursions

    The breathtaking paradise that is Mauritius deserves to be explored in unique and exciting ways; with undulating volcanic mountains, crystal-clear lagoons and gorgeous jungle-like surrounds, it’s a fabulous destination to see to the full. Enjoy a novel glass bottom boat trip in the cerulean waters or immerse yourself in the gorgeous tropical surrounds during a mountain biking trip—it’s remarkable experiences like these that will stay with you forever.
  • Fitness

    We offer an array of superb fitness activities to ensure that you feel and look your best while on holiday. Whether you prefer outdoor group activities or structured classes, we aim to help you stay fit and healthy in the best possible ways. Enjoy a session of aqua gym, partake in a volleyball game, try a Bodyblade class or opt for a game of tennis, you are sure to find the ultimate fitness activity for you.
  • Wellbeing

    Ease into the island lifestyle by aligning mind, body and soul with our incredible wellbeing activities. Release any tension and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of your tropical island holiday with a session of sunrise yoga in our lush gardens or relish the benefits of a rigorous Tae Bo class that is sure to help you rid any stress you still carry from your daily life. Let us help you achieve balance with our wellbeing activities.
  • Ile aux Cerfs

    An unparalleled destination for barefoot frivolity, Ile aux Cerfs sits just off the east of Mauritius. Flawless beaches and dazzling topaz-blue waters exist alongside phenomenal restaurants and the quintessential beach bar. Land and water activities are also on offer for those looking to spend their day in the sun while the iconic Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is sure to be irresistible for ardent golfing fans; a trip to this island paradise is bound to be memorable.