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Sometimes it takes a little more than a wonderful day spent on the beach to fully surrender to relaxation and tranquillity. Often it means actively letting go of stress and anxiety on all levels. With our wellbeing activities, we provide you with the opportunity to engage in a total mind-body workout. Our yoga and Tae Bo classes might be exactly what you need.

Carve out time for tranquillity

True wellbeing often means not just exercising your body and taking time to relax while away, it also means clearing your mind, and truly letting stress melt away on every level. That’s why we provide you with the opportunity to indulge in our wellbeing activities offered to encourage a holistic approach to health. Our yoga classes centre on full mind-body workouts that fuse muscle strengthening and stretching with deep breathing and meditation. Our Tae Bo classes provide a full-body workout through martial arts-inspired moves, allowing you to physically release any anxiety you have. 

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