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Big Papa ft Julien Monasie - House of the Sun

15 June 2018 - BIG PAPA ft JULIEN MONASIE - House of the Sun

Join us at Tides bar Sugar Beach Mauritius as from 21:00 to 23:00 

FREE Entrance (please do make your reservation to guarantee access)

Reservations: Between 9h -12h & 14h - 23h by dialling 403 3300

BigPapa started an interest in music in the early 2000s, playing alongside his friend, known as ‘DJ Dragon’. His professional career kicked off in 2006, when he met with music pioneer, ‘David Jay’ - arguably one of Mauritius’ favourites and finest DJ’s – who provided him with various technical vinyl tuitions. As a result, BigPapa went on to acquire further skills and flairs in this field and ultimately went on to his first official club scene, playing at the ‘Queen's Club’.

Following his success at the Queen’s Club, Big Papa eventually became the resident DJ of ‘Lion's Den’ Club for a period of six months. In 2008, BigPapa made a return to ‘Queen's Club’, but this time, as the resident DJ, until 2018. BigPapa is renowned for his deep house music set and he journeys into all types of music, and more recently, adopting a touch of Afrobeat, making his sets unique and distinctive.

Julien Monasie is a Mauritian musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist. As an autodidact, his interest in music started during his early teenage years. Considered as a real purist amongst his friends because of his immense passion for jazz music, he proved his versatility playing percussions and clarinet, when he joined ‘Maron’er’ in 2013; a rising and talented band in Mauritius. In October 2014, Julien started to place more emphasis and focus on percussions, while being approached by several bands and collaborating with DJ’s on percussions, with a preference for House music and Deep House.