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Jean Noel Fanny Ft Christophe Joseph - House of the Sun

16 June 2018 - JEAN NOEL FANNY ft CHRISTOPHE JOSEPH - House of the Sun

Join us at Tides bar Sugar Beach Mauritius as from 21:00 to 23:00 

FREE Entrance (please do make your reservation to guarantee access)

Reservations: Between 9h -12h & 14h - 23h by dialling 403 3300

Jean-Noël Fanny is someone who is not afraid of music. Music is his favorite, his life, his best friend and his job. His taste personally is listening to good New York Deep House music, for his passion he plays music for all kinds of age, different kind of people and discover each time something new to share around him. He won the contest “CROWD PULLER DJ COMPETITION”. Reaching another level, being requested to perform in some great parties with local Djs, he finally raise up his popularity and being well known in the circle of DJing§.

Christophe "E.T" Joseph is a Mauritian drummer who plays his heart out. His style, in three words: Fun, Sensitive and Innovative, blending the ancestral tradition of drums with the youth of new technology. His unquenchable thirst and love of music has led him to play in various ensembles and styles from Neo Soul with his band "The Days Order", classical music in the National orchestra, in a marching band as a drum major and now as a percussionist in a Mauritian Traditional/Jazz/Rock band called the "Sébastien Margéot Project".