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The perfect gathering places for family and new friends, our restaurants and bars offer a plethora of choices for discerning palates. Whether you delight in sophisticated soirees with elegant fine dining, classic dishes and familiar favourites for the entire family or romantic dinners to the sounds of the waves, we have the perfect option for you.

A journey for the senses

Our exceptional hotel restaurants and bars provide varied gastronomic experiences throughout the day and create the ideal backdrops for our exceptional nightlife. Sample global cuisine, local delicacies and sumptuous seafood, all in-line with our flair for elegance and old-world finesse. Pair your outstanding meal with a bottle of fine wine or an inventive signature cocktail, and allow the flavours to take you on a sensory journey. Relish our warm tropical evenings, post-dinner with our live local entertainment and our vibrant nightlife, or just a nightcap at one of our remarkable bars.

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