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Buddha Bar Beach at Sugar Beach

October 08 2018

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Picture yourself on one of the finest beaches in Mauritius. Snow-white, powder-fine sands between your toes, sublime tropical cocktail in hand and the smooth sounds of the soothing Buddha-Bar music relaxing you as you look out beyond the glistening lagoon to the horizon, illuminated by the glorious colours of sunset. The picture of perfection isn’t it? And the exciting news is that this image is a reality for guests staying at Sugar Beach.




The exquisite Buddha-Bar by Buddha-Bar Beach – Sugar Beach – A Sun Resort Mauritius opened in 2018 and provides a chic beachside bar and restaurant for discerning jet-setters. Created to impress, this exceptional establishment is quite literally the ultimate place to sit back, relax and enjoy the music (not to mention the outstanding food and glorious cocktails).

Here’s what you need to know about Sugar Beach’s very own Buddha-Bar Beach:

It boasts a prime location



For those who are familiar with Sugar Beach, this funky new addition to the incredible five-star property boasts one of the best locations possible; right on the flawless beach. Sugar Beach’s Tides restaurant was closed and transformed into the trendy and luxurious Buddha-Bar by Buddha-Bar Beach it is today, which since its opening around mid-November 2018, has been an island hot spot, drawing in discerning guests looking for the best of the best. With the gentle ocean lapping the shore just a stone’s throw away, this beach bar is a superlative place to enjoy a fabulous cocktail at sunset or a special dinner to the incredible sounds of the fabled Buddha-Bar compilations. 

It is a Mauritius first
The Buddha-Bar brand has been making waves across the globe since its inception in 1996, where the first Buddha-Bar was opened in Paris and fully embodied the ‘Art of Living’ concept. The Buddha-Bar restaurant-bar-lounges were started by Raymond Visan, the absolute visionary and restaurateur who already owned the Barfly in Paris (and now, under whose brand exists a plethora of different businesses and offerings). 


Fuelled by a deep desire to create a unique experience, Raymond grew his ideas from inspiration he got from travelling to places such as California. Now, the Buddha-Bar brand has branched out into restaurants, hotels, spas, beauty lines and of course, music and can be found in all around the world in gorgeous destinations such as the Maldives, Paris, Monte-Carlo, London, Dubai, Manila, Baku, Budapest and Prague, and now, for the first time ever, it’s in Mauritius (this is not to be confused with the Buddha Club in Grand Baie, which is very different, and not affiliated, to the Buddha-Bar). 

It offers an unforgettable experience


Buddha-Bar Beach is more than a restaurant or bar; it centres on a unique concept that allows guests to enjoy an incredible, unique experience while enjoying the phenomenal natural surrounds. Enjoy delicious and artfully created cocktail masterpieces before or after an unforgettable meal, indulge in a sumptuous dinner and embrace the the luxury island atmosphere enhanced by the sensational Buddha-Bar music, which is famous for its subtle avant-garde mix of lounge and house music as well as ethnic sounds - the perfect soundtrack to set the mood for your exceptional holiday in paradise. Here, the cocktails are absolutely extraordinary and totally unique, the food sublime and the atmosphere fresh, vibey and fun - it’s the must-visit spot for the ultimate hedonic experience in Mauritius.
The design of the establishment is also utterly Instagram-worthy, with design elements inspired by Ibiza and Goa, the glitzy beach destinations that became popular already in the 1980s. With a focus on natural elements such as wood, water and stone, the design elements are woven into beautiful organic features that boast a definite contemporary bohemian beach-chic flair that blends perfectly with the picturesque surrounds of Sugar Beach. 
Buddha-Bar by Buddha-Bar Beach – Sugar Beach – A Sun Resort Mauritius is open every day from 10:00 until 2:00, with lunch served from 12:30 until 15:00, snacks from 15:00 until 17:30 and dinner from 19:00 until 22:00, which is then followed by more excellent music, a club-like feel and a chance to dance the night away. 

The menu is out of this world 

BBB Menu

The exciting and contemporary fusion menu, like the entire Buddha-Bar concept, is heavily influenced by Pacific Rim destinations, with exceptional signature Buddha-Bar Asian and Mediterranean dishes taking centre stage, as delicious as they are stunning. Flavours of the East are expertly balanced with those of the West to create dishes that are truly extraordinary and made with the finest and freshest ingredients around. Fresh seafood dishes and unique local delicacies are offered. From signature Buddha-Bar specialities and classic crowd-pleasers to Mauritian favourites, sushi, ceviche and amazingly fresh shellfish, all served ‘family style’, there’s bound to something here to delight everyone’s taste buds. One thing is for sure, this is one for the gourmets.

Menu at Buddha bar beach menu

Mixology also plays a central role in the Buddha-Bar Beach experience and guests can expect a huge array of sensational (literally - they are created to appeal to all five of the senses) cocktails and mocktails on the bar menu. Sublime essences and exotic spices from around the globe are used to create phenomenal concoctions that are presented as works of art; this is what island holidays are meant to be about! With unbelievable food and drinks options and with beautiful places to relax, it’s hard to leave this exceptional holiday hot spot. 

It’s a world-class establishment



Everyone who works at Sugar Beach’s new seaside spot has undergone both the five-star training of Sugar Beach as well as bespoke training by the Buddha-Bar experts themselves. This means that guests can expect the same level of excellence (from the exceptional food to the extraordinary signature Buddha-Bar cocktails and the amazing service) that they can receive at any of the Buddha-Bars around the world. 

The unique Buddha-Bar Beach events are unmissable
Buddha-Bar Beach is known for their array of incredible events and offerings, and Sugar Beach’s versions delight as much as their global counterparts. At this stage, the details of future events haven’t been divulged, but based on those at other Buddha-Bars, diners can expect guest chef appearances with renowned culinary masters and special menus, cocktail events, celebrity DJs, themed parties and much more in events that epitomize “lifestyle experiences”. Keep an eye out for what exciting events will be hitting Sugar Beach’s shores at the Buddha-Bar Beach - trust us, you don’t want to miss them! 
If Buddha-Bar by Buddha-Bar Beach – Sugar Beach – A Sun Resort Mauritius sounds like your idea of paradise, then we highly recommend you not only book your stay at Sugar Beach for your next getaway but book your spot at this amazing restaurant. If the popularity of the Buddha-Bars around the world is anything to go by, you are going to want to secure your spot to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you are going to be at the place to be seen. Here, you will have an experience you will never forget. 


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