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Rejuvenation of Citronella’s

July 16 2019

The gorgeous and unique plantation-style Sugar Beach hotel is a stunning tropical idyll and has become a hugely popular five-star holiday destination for many, from families looking to spend some quality time together to honeymooners looking for a luxury hideaway to celebrate their special occasion. 

Sugar Beach is one of the four Mauritius-based luxury resorts in the Sun Resorts portfolio (namely, Sugar Beach, Long Beach, Ambre and La Pirogue. The Sun Resorts group is on a constant mission to improve their services, offerings and hotels themselves, with La Pirogue having undergone huge renovations and improvements in the last few years and all of the Sun Resorts hotels offering their new and unique Timeless Memories offerings. And now, in 2019, it’s time for Sugar Beach to get some special attention, with an array of their services and offerings and outlets in for some exciting upgrades.

In line with this new vision for, and the rejuvenation of, Sugar Beach, three of the top Sugar Beach chefs have been given a phenomenal opportunity. Interested to find out more?

We reveal a fabulous new collaboration and some wonderful news, here:

Three Sugar Beach Chefs were given the chance to tour the Mediterranean


During the Sugar Beach upgrades, the already popular Citronella’s Cafe, which serves up generous portions of delicious Italian fare, will be getting a new and improved look and, more importantly, menu! Three of Sugar Beach’s wonderful chefs, who have shown incredible talent, creativity and promise, were given the opportunity to tour the Mediterranean on a culinary journey and make the most of a gastronomic cooking course, one that they will never forget, through the esteemed ITEAT Academy

They were taught gastronomic wonders by Michelin star chefs


With exceptional local and international experiences under the belts of the three Sugar Beach chefs, it was a natural choice for Sun Resorts to send them overseas to discover new flavours and culinary wonders with the ITEAT Academy’s Michelin star chef partners in Italy and Spain. They were taught new skills and techniques and introduced to a wealth of exotic flavours and ingredients to inspire them to create a sensational menu at Citronella’s, a menu that is sure to delight even the most discerning of guests.

The objective is to ensure that Citronella’s is the foodie place to be


This incredible culinary experience with ITEAT Academy has inspired the Sugar Beach chefs hugely, and they will be using their new set of skills, techniques, flavours and ingredients to create phenomenal Mediterranean dishes for the new and improved Citronella's at Sugar Beach, with the intention that it will fast become the island’s foodie place to be! Having had the privilege of working with Michelin star chefs, the Sugar Beach chefs are eager to show off what they have learnt. 

One thing is for sure, you are going to want to give the new menu and try!

If you have been dreaming of a stunning holiday in Mauritius and are looking for the ideal hotel, then look no further than the five-star Sugar Beach. And with new and improved facilities, services and more, it’s sure to provide the perfect tropical backdrop for a holiday you will never forget.

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