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Enjoy a Mini Shopping Spree at Sugar Beach’s Boutique

December 26 2017

Mauritius is famous for many reasons. Picturesque beaches fringed by magnificent azure waters draw intrepid travellers from far and wide, the eclectic culture and chequered past fascinates history buffs, those looking for authentic and unique experiences are intrigued by the plethora of activities on the magical volcanic island and the sugar and textile industries are renowned the world over (and are two of the biggest industries in Mauritius). Between its local markets, its factory stores and its unbelievably good quality items (they have high-quality consumables such as tea as well as amazing garments), it’s no wonder that many consider Mauritius to be a shopaholic's dream destination. 
The clothing industry in Mauritius originally focussed on producing the absolute essentials has since grown and expanded considerably. The industry focus has now shifted to ensure that it is a vertically integrated supplier of high-quality and designer garments. Today, Mauritius is a huge supplier of T-shirts, lingerie, loungewear, shirts, sports clothing, suits, trousers, denim and pullovers, and many items that have been made in Mauritius can be found in the ranges of big brands in South Africa, Europe and parts of the US. Instead of buying a Mauritian product in an expensive Polo store in Europe, embrace the opportunity to buy it from the source while you make the most of your holiday in this paradisiacal destination.
It’s wonderful to purchase something from a special destination to help you remember your exceptional holiday in paradise and equally awesome to spoil someone special back home with a unique local souvenir. One thing’s for sure, Mauritius is an exceptional, and hugely underrated shopping destination. But you don’t need to travel far and wide to get some of Mauritius’ finest items, in fact, if you stay at the gorgeous, five-star, plantation-style Sugar Beach, you will be able to find stunning items Mauritian and international products at their very own Emporium Boutique. Here’s what you can expect to find at the Emporium Boutique at Sugar Beach:
The basics

Have you ever spent ages thinking about the perfect holiday, ensuring that every detail was planned perfectly, counted down the days until the holiday started and then arrived only to find you had forgotten some basic necessity for your island holiday (such as sunscreen)? Not to worry, the Emporium Boutique has you covered with a small range of absolute essentials to ensure that you are totally comfortable on your special vacation. From toothpaste and toothbrushes to sunscreen and aftersun, Sugar Beach ensures that nothing will put a damper on your magical holiday in the Mauritian sun.
Fashionable beachwear
Set along the incredible sunset coast with an absolutely outstanding beach, there’s no doubt that most of your holiday at Sugar Beach should be spent...well…on the beach. And while at this stylish, elegant hotel, you definitely need some gorgeous (and glamorous) beachwear for the perfect holiday in the sun. That’s why the Emporium Boutique offers a wide range of beautiful, and high-quality, beachwear. From stylish sandals and flip-flops to bikinis, sun hats, swim shorts, kaftans and beach dresses, you are bound to find the most dazzling items for a glamorous beach look. International beachwear brands at the Emporium Boutique include Fedeli, Banana Moon and Scandal Italy. 
Mauritian souvenirs
It’s often very difficult to find local (and authentic) souvenirs for loved ones back home when you travel, with most things these being made in China these days. If you are on the hunt for some wonderful and truly authentic Mauritian products and souvenirs, then the Emporium Boutique is definitely the place to head. Here, you will find outstanding Mauritian goods which range from specifically branded Sugar Beach items to small bottles of the local rum, you are sure to find something special to spoil someone back home or to keep for yourself as a memento from your island holiday. Some of the best Mauritian gifts and souvenirs include items with the iconic dodo bird, small vials of Chamarel’s fascinating and exquisite seven coloured earth, Mauritian vanilla tea, bottles of the local rum, different types of sugar and spices, among many others.
Luxury Items
The bulk of the garments made in Mauritius were typically shipped off to Europe previously, but the market has now diversified to include the US and very notably, South Africa. Mauritian textiles have been used in a huge range of top brands over the years such as Calvin Klein, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Guess, Adidas, Puma, Topshop, Woolworths, Esprit, Truworths, Foschini, Edgars, Polo Sport, River Island and Monsoon. 
All of the Mauritian garments that are sold in the Emporium Boutique at Sugar Beach are made of the finest materials and are the best quality money can buy. Some of the prime luxury items that you can purchase at the Emporium Boutique include cashmere and linen garments for both men and women. These items of clothing have been made in Mauritius itself with the finest fabrics to offer guests wonderful quality items. While you can find similar items elsewhere, these were actually made in Mauritius and are, therefore, extremely well priced. Go on, treat yourself to one of those classic wardrobe items you have wanted for years.
VAT deductible items
Another great thing about shopping in Mauritius, and of course at Sugar Beach’s gorgeous boutique, is that if you spend over Rs2,500 you are eligible to claim your 15% VAT back on non-consumable items bought. You can claim this back at the VAT counter at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.
Excellent service
The incredible shop attendants at Sugar Beach’s Emporium Boutique are there to help you with any and all of your shopping needs. Whether you would like detailed information on each of the items for sale, help choosing the perfect present for someone back home or assistance in finding the right size and colour garment for you, the expert shop attendants are there to help you every step of the way. 
If you are looking for the perfect five-star resort for an incredible holiday, then Sugar Beach is bound to be perfect for you. With remarkable choices of luxury accommodation, excellent dining options, stellar service and wonderful activities along a simply breathtaking stretch of beach in one of the world’s finest destinations, you will be in for a holiday of a lifetime.

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