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Top 5 Extreme Activities to Try in Mauritius

June 03 2018

For some, the perfect tropical holiday in paradise centres on finding the best possible beaches to laze on all day as they soak up the glorious sun and indulge in unusual cocktails that have been made with the freshest local ingredients. For others, the most epic holiday includes a good dose of some adrenaline-pumping activities—ones that have the power make them feel alive and that stay in their memory forever.

The great thing is that Mauritius is both the perfect place for lapping up the island lifestyle and indulging in extreme activities fit for adrenaline junkies. If you consider yourself the latter, then the good news is that there are not just one or two options for extreme activities in Mauritius, there’s a veritable plethora of them. We’ve decided to help you to narrow it down by choosing our favourite extreme activities to try while on a holiday in Mauritius (in no particular order):



sky diving
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Throwing yourself (or being thrown by a tandem jumpmaster) out of a plane at about 10 000 feet for the sheer thrill of it may be classified as “crazy” by many, but if you are in search of some seriously heart-pumping extreme activities in Mauritius, then this is by far one of the best. Imagine freefalling (and when we say “freefalling” we really mean plummeting towards the ground) at 200km per hour for a solid 60 seconds (it’s much longer than you think!) before your parachute opens and gently brings you back to earth while on a tandem skydive. While the rush of skydiving is pretty incredible, it's the sensational 360-degree views of Mauritius that truly make this extreme activity so worth it. 

Tandem jumps mean that you won’t have to do this alone—instead, it involves being harnessed to a trained and qualified instructor who guides you through the whole process and is naturally, there with you throughout the experience. For those brave enough to do it, skydiving (and skydiving in Mauritius) is sure to be a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

2. Zip lining


zip lining
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For those that feel that they might need to first build up their confidence before skydiving, one way to do just that is to go zip lining first. The zip lines at Vallée des Couleurs (an absolutely breathtaking nature reserve), located in the south of Mauritius, have been created to ease visitors in, with low lines that allow you to go slow at first before they get longer, higher and faster. 

Thrillseekers can test their mettle (while harnessed onto the line, of course) on the longest zip line in the Indian Ocean and the third longest in the world—which measures approximately 1.5 kilometers—where you are sure to get your full of adrenaline as you marvel at the stunning natural surrounds of the park. You may even be fortunate enough to glimpse some of the reserve’s stags grazing under your feet as you glide past them and enjoy absolutely sensational views of the gorgeous valley, teeming with lush tropical terrain and accented by waterfalls. To either prepare for or debrief from this extreme activity in Mauritius, you can explore one of the many trails that snake through this stunning piece of paradise or grab a bite to eat at Vallée des Couleurs’ onsite restaurant. 

3. Kitesurfing 

Source: Google Images

One of the most popular extreme activities in Mauritius is certainly kitesurfing. The thrilling sport that seems to combine surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, windsurfing and gymnastics, is certainly one for the sports enthusiasts or those who have had a little bit of fitness training behind them. If you are heading to Mauritius and enjoy a good thrill, then kitesurfing is definitely worth a try and doing so at Le Morne, in the southwest of the island, is an absolute must. 

Here, you will not only have a range of kitesurfing schools to choose from, you will also have the opportunity to kitesurf in a stunning lagoon—nicknamed ‘kite lagoon’—with near-perfect conditions for surfing and kitesurfing almost all year around. What’s more, you will be able to do so next to a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Le Morne Brabant. 

The shallow, flat waters at Le Morne are perfect for beginners and professionals alike, with the reef acting as a protective barrier. If you are advanced and what the thrill of riding the waves, then all you have to do is pass the reef barrier and try your hand at some of the most (in)famous waves in Mauritius (but this is certainly not for beginners nor the faint of heart). If you are serious about giving kitesurfing a go, then the best time to head to Mauritius is during the mild winter months (between June and September) when the wind is at its best.

4. FLYn’Dive™ 


Source: Google Images


For the adventure seekers who want to try an extreme activity in Mauritius that is a little different, the FLYn’Dive™experience is sure to thrill. This unbelievably fun and unique experience allows you to “Fly like Iron Man and dive like a dolphin” according to (Mauritian Attractions) and is perfect for those who have never tried it before as well as those you absolutely love the experience already. 

This magical activity allows you to spin, dive and flip through the water and air and will make you feel like you have the superpowers you always hoped for. Your  FLYn’Dive™ instructor will help you to make the most of this adventure (they can go with you in tandem) and it’s sure to fast become your favourite water sport of them all. Whatever you do, try to make sure that you get to experience this extreme activity at least once while you are on a holiday of a lifetime in Mauritius. 

5. Take a Side by Side Vehicle (SSV) out for a spin


Source: Google Images

Speed kings and queens are in for a treat with the incredible SSV tour where you will act as co-pilot of a phenomenal Polaris vehicle, designed for extreme off-road activities such as those you can experience in Mauritius. Embrace the thrill of your Polaris-fuelled adventure as you journey through Jurassic Park-like terrain, spin doughnuts while doing speeds of over 100 kilometres per hour (with a professional driver, of course) and marvel at the strength of this off-road vehicle as it passes sugar cane fields and takes private tracks through exciting parts of this gorgeous island. It’s important to state that this activity is only appropriate for children from 12 years old and up. 

If you are heading to Mauritius in search of adventure and extreme activities, then book a stay at one of the outstanding Sun Resorts. Not only can they help you to book the adventure of a lifetime with trusted tour operators, they offer their guests a host of thrilling and oftentimes unique activities that include a plethora of complimentary non-motorised water sports and daily activity programmes. 

These hotels are the perfect place to balance your need for relaxation and adventure, all you have to do is pick the one that you feel best suits you. One thing is certain, however, whichever you choose, with Sun Resorts you are bound to have an unforgettable holiday in this tropical oasis. 


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