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Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

October 31 2018

The award-winning Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club is a sublime place to spend a gorgeous day in paradise while making the most of the pristine greens, world-class golfing facilities and excellent golf academy; it’s little wonder that it has quickly risen to the ranks of must-play course for ardent golfers. This exceptional and wonderfully unique course is simply breathtaking; stretched across 38 hectares of the southern half of Ile aux Cerfs Island (which is only accessible by helicopter or boat), the holes have been placed amongst beautifully kept greens that twist and weave past lakes and through lush endemic gardens which fade into silky soft beach sand and the gorgeous teal waters of the Indian Ocean. In the distance the undulating volcanic landscape of Mauritius serves as the perfect backdrop—a game of golf just doesn’t get more scenic than this. 


This sensational 18-hole par 72 golf course was designed by the golfing legend Bernhard Langer and has been ranked number 1 in the UK’s Top 20 of the World’s “Must-Play” Golf Courses according to Golf World (among other prestigious awards). Designed to be equal parts challenging and enjoyable, this sensational golf course is accessible to players of all levels and is the epitome of a golfing paradise. 
This November (on the 1st), this tranquil golfing oasis will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in style, where golfing guests will be treated to VIP experiences and once-off offers to commemorate 15 years of incredible golf experiences at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club. 
Here’s what you need to know about this phenomenal golf course and it’s 15th anniversary:

The celebrations have already started 

Golf Balls depicting number 15

On Saturday 27 October 2018, the festivities kicked off with the annual Ile aux Cerfs golf competition, the E-Golf Buzz, which this year, doubled up as a celebration of the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club’s anniversary. Fantastic prizes we awarded to the winners, one of which was a flight to Europe. At the end of the tournament, those who participated (some 80 players), were invited to enjoy a special evening at La Flibuste (the exclusive golfer’s beach) for a gala dinner which was enhanced by a magnificent fireworks display and a private concert by the famous local artist Zulu. 

Fireworks at Ile aux Cerfs


November 1 2018 is bound to be a memorable day 
Those fortunate enough to be in Mauritius on 1 November 2018 are in for some incredible surprises. Not only will there be a newly-acquired poster in the Club House signed by none other than Bernhard Langer himself as well as a 15th-anniversary video in which he features and an Ile aux Cerfs associate video created especially for the occasion, but the day itself will be filled with incredible experiences and memorable moments for guests. 
For golfer’s who will be visiting Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club on the day, there will be special complimentary drinks and snacks offered. There will also be decorations on the boats and throughout the property, a birthday special on the Langer Burger and Cocktail at the restaurant (which will also be offered at all four Sun Resorts), exclusive Sun Golf Timeless Memories surprises at the hotels as well as other discounts, competitions and offers. The day will also be marked by a novel display of pictures of Ile aux Cerfs over the last 15 years. It’s bound to be an extraordinary and unforgettable celebration. 

The anniversary will coincide with the launch of the “Go Green” concept on Ile aux Cerfs
November 1 2018 will also mark the inception of the “Go Green” concept on Ile aux Cerfs. This ongoing project aims to ensure that Ile aux Cerfs is as green and eco-friendly as possible. There are a number of things that will be implemented on the island in an effort to be more earth-friendly, such as the following:

  • The bars and restaurants at Ile aux Cerfs will stop serving straws with their drinks.
  • To encourage less water usage, there will be “Save Water” signs in the changing rooms.
  • To encourage less electricity usage, there will be “Save Energy” signs to remind guests to switch off the lights when they leave the changing rooms. 
  • There will be a waste management programme implemented on the island.
  • There will be bins with “keep our island clean” signs on them to remind guests to throw their litter away and recycle bins will be placed in key areas of the golf course. 


The island offers more than exceptional golf opportunities 
Dedicated golfing fans are sure to fall in love with the incredible grounds, the fabled signature Bernhard Langer course, the excellent facilities, the private golfer’s beach and phenomenal restaurants but the best part about Ile aux Cerfs is that it’s more than just a golfer's paradise. 

Lunch at Ile aux cerfs

On the other end of the island is the Ile aux Cerfs Leisure Island with a variety of restaurants, a beach bar, an exceptional stretch of beach and an array of land- and sea-based activities—there’s certainly no lack of exciting activities on Ile aux Cerfs. What’s more, the island has recently made an unprecedented decision to allow guests to stay over on the island itself! Now guests can live out their Robinson Crusoe dreams in style at the Ile aux Cerfs Bubble Lodge—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. 

Guests staying at any of the Sun Resorts have privileged access to Ile aux Cerfs
The extraordinary four- and five-star resorts that form part of the Sun Resorts group provide the ultimate hotels for your holiday in paradise. But just in case you wanted yet another reason to choose one of them as your home away from home, you may be interested to know that Sun Resorts guests have privileged access to this gorgeous golfing island. Depending on which of the resorts you stay at—Long Beach, Ambre, La Pirogue or Sugar Beach—you might even have complimentary return transfers included in your stay, making for a stress-free golf experience in paradise.

At Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, your every need is taken care of

Ile aux Cerfs


The wonderful, experienced staff at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club are absolutely passionate about ensuring that guests have a phenomenal time on the course. With high attention to detail, they go above and beyond to ensure that everything needed for an exceptional game of golf has been provided. Additionally, at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, guests can get tips from golf pros, learn how to perfect their swing at the golf academy and are able to fully embrace the unbelievable golf experience that is unique to this sensational golfing island. 
If you are interested in experiencing this magnificent course for yourself, then a stay at any of the sublime Sun Resorts or the Ile aux Cerfs Bubble Lodge is highly recommended to ensure you have the golfing trip of a lifetime. 

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