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The Magical Kids Club at Sugar Beach

November 09 2017

The majestic Sugar Beach is undoubtedly one of the finest 5-star resorts in Mauritius. Situated along the stellar ‘sunset coast’ of the island, this esteemed establishment unfurls along a flawless stretch of white powdery beach, bordered by coconut palm trees and the gorgeously manicured gardens of the superb plantation-style resort. Apart from its exquisite dining options, myriad of land- and water-based activities, its phenomenal beach and excellent nightlife, this hotel has another very special offering, this one, however, is exclusively reserved for our younger fans; the Sun Kids Club. A wonderful and safe refuge for little holidaymakers between the ages of 2 and 11, where they can make new friends, indulge in creative arts and crafts and partake in excellent indoor and outdoor activities. Here’s why our Sun Kids Club is any child’s (and parent’s) dream destination:

Everything has been constructed with kids in mind

Tucked away amongst lush tropical gardens, this children’s oasis has been constructed with little travellers in mind. Wonderfully decorated in a “Hansel and Gretel” theme with pillars made out of ‘candy’ holding up a thatched roof, the brightly coloured Sun Kids Club at Sugar Beach looks as if it has come straight out of a fairytale. Every detail has been carefully considered—from the child-sized facilities (the ‘milkshake’ beach shower at the front of the club being particularly adorable) to the jungle gyms, sandpit, kiddies pool, the decor and of course the excellent daily programmes—it’s literally a wonderland for curious adventurers. 

Your children will only participate in age-appropriate activities

The wonderful thing about the Sun Kids Club at Sugar Beach is that your kids won’t just be added to a group of other children of all ages where they are free to do as they please or where they will partake in activities that are “meant” for a wide range of ages. Any child who enrolls at the kids club is put into the appropriate age group and participates in activities that are carefully selected for them based on their age, interests and abilities. The three typical age groups are 2-3, 4-6 and 7-11.

It’s a complimentary service

The incredible experience of the Sun Kids Club at Sugar Beach is one of the hotel’s many offerings and is complimentary for kids between the stipulated ages, with one prerequisite, that the very young kids are toilet trained. Those that are not can still join in the fun but will have to do so accompanied by a parent or a babysitter (which can be arranged for a nominal fee). Most of the activities are also complimentary, with the occasional experience offered at an small fee. It’s up to you whether or not you would like your little ones to partake in the latter activities, and if not, we will always offer wonderful complimentary alternatives for them to enjoy. 

It’s open all day

Another great thing about the kids club is that it's open for most of the day, every day, putting no limit on the hours of fun kids can have with our incredible counsellors. The doors and registration open at 9:30 every day and close at 22:15. This allows your kids to make the most of their holiday in Mauritius (while making new friends) and gives you a little time to truly indulge in some R&R while on holiday in paradise where you can finally get around to having that spa day with your spouse you just haven’t found time for. 

There’s a virtually endless list of daily activities

No two days at the Sun Kids Club are the same, ensuring that our young fans are always entertained and redefining “fun in the sun”. Depending on the age group they fall into, they can enjoy a host of creative arts and crafts classes, water sports, treasure hunts, Bingo nights, fashion shows, kids discos, crab hunting, dolphin watching excursions, movie nights and much, much more. Whether your kids are creative, sporty or a little bit of both, we have the right activities for them and our professional counsellors are there to ensure all of these activities are both safe and enjoyable for your precious little ones. 

The fun doesn’t stop on rainy days

While Mauritius enjoys a mild tropical climate and excellent weather practically year-round, you might visit us during a period where we have some rain. This doesn’t mean that the fun stops! In fact, it’s the opposite—we have a huge variety of excellent activities to keep kids entertained and occupied during rainy days. We always have a plan B up our sleeves for these situations, and ensure that our younger fans have an incredible time nonetheless—so much so that they often don’t even realise that it’s raining. 

The kids can enjoy lunch with their friends

If your kids are absolutely loving their time at the kids club, why take them away from it? Instead, let them spend lunch enjoying their favourite dishes at the kids club itself with all their new friends. We have an incredible little outdoor area for kids to enjoy their lunch in Mauritius, savouring delicacies perfect for their palates, such as scrumptious spaghetti and fish fingers. It is, however, important to note that while the lunch is offered at the kids club, it comes with a nominal fee. 

It’s extra special during Christmas and Easter

If you are planning a trip to Sugar Beach over Easter or Christmas, your children are in for an especially phenomenal time. These special occasions are celebrated in true style at our Sun Kids Club, with occasion-appropriate decorations and themed activities in the daily programme to ensure these times of the year are all the more magical for our little guests. 

There are remarkable rooms nearby

The great thing about the kids club’s location, is that it is situated in its own area of the property which allows the children to have their own little slice of paradise all to themselves. Another great thing is if you are travelling with your children and know that this is something they would be interested in, then you can book a room conveniently close to the kids club. The gorgeous rooms on the south of the property are perfect for family getaways and are a short walk from the kids club. 

Mauritius is a children’s wonderland
Mauritius is a highly coveted island destination, and it’s the perfect backdrop for a holiday with your precious family. With its unbelievable beauty, eclectic culture, fascinating history and myriad of activities to enjoy both inland and on the beach, it’s a truly sensational holiday destination for you and your family, and the perfect playground for kids where they can enjoy the glorious outdoors, the phenomenal Mauritian weather and all the wonders of age-appropriate activities (all under the watchful eye of our phenomenal kids club councillors) that kids can relish while surrounded by paradise. One thing is for certain, Mauritius is the perfect place to forge new friendships and special moments that transform into timeless memories for the whole family. 
If you are looking for the ideal location for your next family adventure, then look no further than Sugar Beach. This luxury five-star hotel is a holidaymaker’s paradise and has everything you and your family could possibly want for a dreamlike holiday. But there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: once your kids experience the wonders of our resort and our Sun Kids Club, they might never want to leave.