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Making Timeless Memories at Sugar Beach

November 30 2017

Majestic and absolutely breathtaking, the five-star resort of Sugar Beach is imbued with old-world elegance and a sense of refinement that is reserved for the finest establishments in the world. A novel plantation-styled resort, it has the power to transport guests back to a bygone era, where opulence and pure luxury were the order of the day. Outstanding architecture is surrounded by perfectly maintained French gardens and tropical palm trees which lead down to the resort’s outstanding beach and glittering azure waters. Combine this with their extraordinary culinary offerings, world-class spa and the myriad of exciting activities on offer and one thing is for sure, Sugar Beach promises each guest an incredible—and memorable—stay.

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Because ensuring guests have a special stay in their paradisiacal resort is important to Sugar Beach—and in fact, all of the Sun Resorts—there was a desire to go further; to offer signature experiences and offerings with the intention of creating truly exceptional moments and experiences for their guests that wouldn’t just be lumped with “a great holiday”, but that would linger in the minds of their guests long after they leave. And so the concept of “Timeless Memories” was born, with the hopes that guests remember these precious times, spent with loved ones, for the rest of their lives.
To allow guests greater insight into this wonderful concept, we spoke to Sugar Beach’s esteemed General Manager, Nicolas De Chalain.
How did the concept of Timeless Memories come about? 

Timeless Memories

The concept of Timeless Memories came about when the management decided to review and rejuvenate the Sun Resorts Logo in order to really develop it into a brand. We wanted to make sure that all our resorts deliver on the same brand promise. Each resort is somewhat unique in feel, design and concept, but for more than forty years they have been offering signature Sun experiences to our guests. We decided to take all of these exciting and wonderful signature experiences, memories and activities that we already deliver to our guests at our resorts, and turn them into passion points. This way, we can ensure that each resort delivers these experiences, emotions and activities to their guests. We want to make sure that when guests leave, they are left with timeless memories. So no matter which Sun Resort guests visit, they will experience service, hospitality and emotions that will transform into memories that last a lifetime.
The seven Passion Points which we all voted for are:

Sun Beach
Sunrise and Sunset
Sun Luxury Moments
Sun Mixology
Sun Kids
Sun Golf
Sun Memory Lab

What do you think or feel about the Timeless Memories concept?


I believe that it’s a great concept. I think that it will bring out the best in us and helps us to realise how important our guests are. It has also permitted us to become really inventive and hospitable again. Not only that, it’s taken the routine out of the job for us and rejuvenated our creativity—we really want to ensure that we deliver sophisticated, enjoyable and attentive service and hospitality to our guests.
How are you implementing Timeless Memories at Sugar Beach? 
We are implementing Timeless Memories in a big way! From the radiant welcome to the vivid goodbyes, we have put together a series of activities, experiences and services which deliver phenomenal timeless memories to our wonderful guests.
How have your guests responded to the Timeless Memories offered at Sugar Beach? 
We feel and see that guests are really enjoying the Timeless Memories that we offer. And we have noticed that they interact much better with the associates (the term we use for our incredible hotel staff). The impression that we are getting is that the guests are feeling both special and pampered—which is certainly the point. We feel, in general, that people seem to be enjoying their holidays even more than usual.   
How has Sugar Beach put their mark on the Timeless Memories concept—in other words, what makes your Timeless Memories different from any other resort?
Sugar Beach has a distinctly plantation-style concept. This theme runs like a golden thread through every aspect of the resort. We deliver experiences of a bygone era, those that encapsulate elegance, abundance and luxury. We pride ourselves on delivering seamless service, the likes of which were found in the big sugar plantations of the past. This is truly evident in our unique set of Timeless Memories and it certainly makes us different to the other Sun Resorts. 
What is your favourite Timeless Memories offering at Sugar Beach and why?
I believe that the Sun Beach and Sun Luxury moments are phenomenal and are definitely my favourite. We bring the type of service you can expect at the hotel to the actual beach, which is where most of our guests spend most of their time. Now, with Timeless Memories, if they think or wish something, we want to be able to provide it for them. Our beach butlers are trained to ensure that our guests are pampered throughout the day and experience service on the beach like they have never experienced before. 
Do you have anything else to add about Timeless Memories (that you would like guests to know)? 
Yes, it’s important for them to know that this is only the beginning! We are already working on Timeless Memories 2.0 where we hope to bring the guest experience to another level. 
As Nicolas suggests the Timeless Memories are constantly evolving but you can be sure of two things. One that they will be exceptional no matter what the experience or offering and two, they will fall under one of the seven pillars. The seven pillars of Timeless Memories each have a unique and specific focus. ‘Sun Beach’ experiences centre on enhancing guests’ time spent enjoying Sugar Beach’s gorgeous stretch of beach, where guests are made to feel as comfortable as possible with no need to move from the comfort of their sun lounger. ‘Sunrise and Sunset’ afford guests the option to partake in wonderful experiences as they bring in a new dawn or dusk. ‘Sun Luxury Moments’ are extra touches and signature experiences made to pamper guests when they least expect it. ‘Sun Mixology’ centres on creative and exceptional fusions of flavours enjoyed in cocktail form and designed by world-class mixologists. ‘Sun Kids’ ensures Sugar Beach’s smaller fans are as spoilt as their parents are. ‘Sun Golf’ ensures that golfers feel appropriately looked after and spoilt and ‘Sun Memory Lab’ has been created so all of these moments and memories can be captured, shared and remembered forever. 
From incredible service provided by beach butlers (who can provide guests with wonderful refreshments, sunglass cleaning services and sunscreen), private beach loungers, fantastic signature cocktails created by expert mixologists to sunset rituals and extraordinary in-room surprises, Sugar Beach’s Timeless Memories are sure to delight and surprise even the most hard-to-please guests. Each moment and offering has been carefully selected and conceptualised to ensure that their guests receive the very best experience. With a huge focus on remarkable services and moments that allow guests to experience the lavish life of old plantation owners, one thing is for sure, embracing the luxury island lifestyle in Mauritius is made easy with authentic moments and experiences you would be hardpressed to find elsewhere.
If you are looking for the ultimate luxury holiday destination, then look no further than the five-star Sugar Beach hotel. With an outstanding array of restaurants and bars, a huge range of land and water-based activities, an exceptional spa, stunning accommodation options and unrivalled signature offerings, you are sure to experience incredible moments with your loved ones that turn into timeless memories.

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