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Nikkei Tour- Chef Zuzumo

January 16 2019

Taste the delicacies of superstar chef Zuzumo:

8-9 February: Menu at Rs 2200 per person View our menu

8-9 February: Menu with Wine Pairing at Rs 3500 per person View our menu

10 February: Brunch at Rs 2200 per person View our menu


The sublime west coast of Mauritius; long sugar-white beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see bordered by lush palm trees and tropical gardens, gorgeous luxury four- and five-star hotels and of course, the new Buddha-Bar Beach at Sugar Beach—what’s not to love about this picture perfect paradise?



If you haven’t managed to visit the trendy new Buddha-Bar Beach at Sugar Beach, we’ll give you the ideal reason to make the trip this February; Chef Zuzumo’s Nikkei Tour. 
Here are the details of this sensational, once-in-a-lifetime experience:
The world-renowned Chef Zuzumo will be at Sugar Beach this February
Fervent Buddha-Bar fans are sure to already be familiar with the corporate Asian Chef of Buddha-Bar Worldwide, Chef Zuzumo. This incredible chef will be offering guests an unparalleled gastronomic experience, complete with an outstanding eight-course menu, between 7 February and 11 February 2019. Trust us, this is one you don’t want to miss. 
Chef Zuzumo will be showcasing the unique Nikkei cuisine
Chef Zuzumo was born in Lima to a Peruvian father and a Japanese mother and he grew up on a wonderfully authentic type of cooking; Nikkei cuisine, the magical fusion of Japanese and Peruvian foods. His love of culinary delights took him to a gastronomy school where he obtained his degree and where he was able to experiment with different Japanese cuisines. When he worked in top restaurants in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, Zuzumo was able to deepen his knowledge of South American flavours and constantly found ways to incorporate these with his Japanese dishes. 


Chef Zuzumo

After many years of honing his skills and travelling the world, he was named Executive Chef of a famous restaurant in Dubai, where his innovative dishes and contemporary recipes have set him apart from the rest as an Asian and Nikkei trendsetter. It also made him a natural choice for the role of Corporate Asian Chef for Buddha-Bar worldwide. 
With a passion for the intricate art of Nikkei cuisine, Chef Zuzumo has mastered the balance of Japanese flavours, techniques and disciplines with those from Peru to create magnificent and creative dishes difficult to find elsewhere. 
His dishes centre on freshness, flavour, texture and authenticity


Chef Zuzumo dishes

Key to Chef Zuzumo’s incredible Nikkei dishes is fresh, high-quality ingredients that along with excellent flavours and textures, keep an intrinsic authenticity to the cuisine. Dishes that guests can expect can be anything from his “Tiradito” (succulent fresh sashimi served with “Leche con Tigre” from traditional Peruvian ceviche marinade) to the likes of Yakitori and Anticucho skewers enhanced by the addition of Japanese Miso and Peruvian Aji Panca or fresh wasabi, Huacatay and Chimichurri. One thing is for sure, Chef Zuzumo’s dishes are utterly out of this world. 

Nikkei cuisine is so much more than a gastronomic experience
Chef Zuzumo doesn’t regard Nikkei cuisine as a trend. To him, it’s the embodiment of a unique culture, one that is passed down from generation to generation. With the dishes that he joyfully shares with discerning guests, he is able to share his passion for this unique cuisine and his culture and he finds it incredibly fulfilling to see his guests embrace every moment of the experience. Through his edgy, skilful and artistic dishes, Chef Zuzumo conveys stories that have the power to evoke emotions and delight taste buds.
Experience the pure brilliance of authentic Nikkei cuisine for yourself this February with Chef Zuzumo at Buddha-Bar Beach at Sugar Beach for a truly magnificent night to remember. Spaces are limited so bookings are advised. 

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