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A Serene Oasis at Sugar Beach’s Cinq Mondes Spa

November 15 2017

A Serene Oasis at Sugar Beach’s Cinq Mondes Spa 

Sprawled along of the finest white sandy beaches on the western part of the island, shared with the stunning La Pirogue, Sugar Beach is a phenomenal and elegant getaway for bon vivants looking for an extraordinary holiday in Mauritius on the “sunset coast”. Sugar Beach and La Pirogue have everything you could possibly need; from an array of exemplary bars and restaurants to a plethora of activities (both on land and in the water), access to some of the best golf courses on the island, stellar four- and five-star accommodation and excellent kids clubs. And for those looking to have a truly restful and relaxing trip, Sugar Beach and La Pirogue have another incredible (shared) offering; the exclusive Imperial Spa by Cinq Mondes Spa located among Sugar Beach’s impeccable french gardens. Situated centrally, this spa offers weary travellers everything they could need and want to realign both body and mind. Here’s what makes this spa so remarkable:

It’s an esteemed Cinq Mondes spa

Cinq Mondes Spa

The exclusive, luxury and global spa brand Cinq Mondes is no ordinary spa brand. Since its inception in 2001 in Paris, it has garnered international acclaim and recognition for its spas, some of which are categorised as some of the best spas in the world. Since then, Cinq Mondes has grown into a hugely popular brand, with spas in over 30 countries around the globe and renowned for its phenomenal products and exotic treatment menu—the perfect choice of a spa for Sugar Beach, which is already known for its old-world opulence and luxury.

It’s the perfect retreat for guests looking to unwind

Cinq Mondes Spa

Conveniently located practically in the centre of the Sugar Beach property, the Imperial Spa by Cinq Mondes is a haven of relaxation and wellbeing. As you enter the doors to this magical oasis, you will feel as if you have left the rest of the world behind. Peacefulness and tranquillity permeate the 1,000 square metres of this Asian-inspired spa, leaving you instantly at ease and able to fully unwind and recharge at this incredibly elegant spa. 

It’s well worth arriving early

The gorgeous Imperial Spa at Cinq Mondes has many remarkable features, but a huge drawcard it’s definitely its impressive hammam area—the perfect place for your pre-treatment relaxation and cleansing. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early for your treatment so that you can make the most of the spa’s facilities (you can enjoy the complimentary use of the facilities when you book a treatment). These state-of-the-art facilities include a steam room, heated and cold plunge pools and, of course, the incredible main hammam area, with two smaller hammams in private adjoining rooms, reserved for private cleansing treatments and rituals. If you feel that you won’t have time to properly enjoy the spa facilities on the day of your treatment, speak to your therapist about joining on another day. One thing is for sure, the spa facilities are not to be missed. 

It has been thoughtfully created

Cinq Mondes Spa

Zen-like, Asian-inspired architecture punctuated by the Cinq Mondes signature colour (a gorgeous shade of mauve), incorporates natural elements of wood, stone and water, and gives rise to an elegant and gorgeous spa that has been created with a sensorial journey for guests in mind. This majestic spa, perfectly in-line with the rest of the luxury Sugar Beach resort, is made up of eight single treatment rooms, two double treatment rooms, two scrub rooms and a hammam. Created with The relaxation area provides a tranquil space to sit back and enjoy the serenity of the surrounds while indulging in a detox juice or a wonderfully fragrant cup of hot tea. 

The treatment menu is out of this world

Cinq Mondes Spa

The Cinq Mondes brand centres on ancient traditions and healing and beauty rituals gleaned from cultures and places in the world known for their phenomenal wellness and beauty rituals. The Cinq Mondes treatments have been inspired by time-honoured beauty traditions from places such as Morocco, India, China, Japan, Siam (Bali Laos, Cambodia and Thailand) and Brazil, and transport guests to other worlds and times with every sensorial journey they experience at any Cinq Mondes Spa. This ensures that there is no shortage of exceptional treatments to choose from at the Imperial Spa at Sugar Beach. From an outstanding range of massages (including aromatherapy, hot stone and ayurvedic massages) to phenomenal body treatments, sublime beauty services, relaxing facials and more, you have everything you could need to unwind, beautify, and realign mind, body and soul. 

While the absolute must-have nail and waxing services are available, the “Ritual Stays” are not to be missed; expertly selected treatments which are meant to be enjoyed over a series of days (usually between two and three). Those in need of some serious pampering would do well to select one of the Ritual Stays to ensure that you can feel your best and make the most of your holiday in the sun. The Imperial Spa also has a range of specially designed treatments for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 17. 

The Cinq Mondes products are natural

The founders of Cinq Mondes, Nathalie and Jean-Louis Poiroux, decided to indulge their fascination for natural remedies and healing traditions and travelled the world for months in search of the finest beauty rituals, wellbeing ceremonies and the best quality ingredients to create their products which are dermatologically tested. What’s more is that these products, inspired by ancient beauty recipes, have organic or natural active ingredients and are free of any parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicone, mineral oils and artificial colouring and have intricate formulas that have been adapted according to Cinq Mondes’ research in “Phyto-Aromatics”, ensuring that each product is both beneficial and incredibly fragrant—’phyto’ being the power of natural ingredients as used in traditional medicine and ‘aromatic’ relating to the healing benefits of unique fragrances. The incredible Cinq Mondes products are absolutely remarkable, and if you fall in love with the products you will be in luck—the Imperial Spa at Sugar Beach not only has a huge array of treatments but a wide range of the Cinq Mondes products available to purchase. The expert Cinq Mondes therapists can recommend products for you based on your preferences and concerns so that you can continue the spa experience back home.

Tailored treatments are the order of the day

Treatments at Sugar Beach’s Imperial Spa are tailored expertly to each individual guests’ needs. As you arrive you will fill out a questionnaire that will allow you detail your preferences and concerns (for example, any concerns with your skin). From the beginning of your spa experience to the end you can rest assured that your treatment will be expertly tailored to be the perfect treatment for you. 

If you would like an exceptional and relaxing holiday in Mauritius than a stay at the luxury Sugar Beach is an absolute must. This resorts offers intrepid travellers everything they could possibly want for a memorable holiday on an island paradise—from exquisite food and a wonderful nightlife to one of the finest spas on the west coast of Mauritius.

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