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January 28 2019

Mauritius is a sublime holiday destination with glorious golden beaches, perfect for spending days lapping up the sublime Mauritian sunshine, and dazzling tropfical lagoons with magical underwater worlds waiting to be explored—it’s undoubtedly a paradise. It’s also the ultimate place to spend your summer holidays, whether you are travelling to Mauritius for a special family holiday or a romantic trip with your beloved, it’s bound to be memorable.
The summer is set to be sizzling along the dreamy shores of Mauritius this December and January and what better way to enjoy the incredible warm days than with a delectable (and refreshing) treat? This year, as you holiday along the stunning west coast of Mauritius at either La Pirogue or Sugar Beach, all your ice cream dreams are sure to come true with a superb selection of delicious sorbets, delectable homemade ice creams and silky-smooth authentic gelato.
Here’s what you need to know about our new gelato and ice cream offerings:
Homemade ice cream and gelato are actually not the same
Gelato isn’t just a fancy way of saying homemade ice cream, there are actually quite a few differences between these two tasty summer treats. In fact, these are the three main ways in which they differ:

- While homemade ice cream is served at -20º, giving it a hard texture, gelato is served at -13º. The higher serving temperature for gelato allows for a more intense flavour experience.
- The butterfat content in homemade ice cream sits between 10-18%, while that of gelato is lower at between 4-8%.
- Homemade ice cream tends to have more air in it (up to 50%), reducing the intensity of its flavour. Gelato, on the other hand, has less than 20% air, a result of the slow churning process which gives it a gorgeously smooth texture and has you coming back for more!
Our gelato is made using the finest ingredients and equipment
The La Pirogue gelato (and ice cream for that matter), is made using only the best ingredients and world-class equipment. With esteemed Pregel products and high-end equipment by Valmar (the ice cream machine, ice cream freezer and blast freezer are all Valmar products) not to mention an entirely separate gelato lab, you can trust that the La Pirogue gelato is some of the best on the island.
These new ice cream offerings will be sold at La Pirogue as well as Sugar Beach




Thankfully, the irresistible ice cream options made at La Pirogue will not be limited to La Pirogue’s guests! The homemade sorbet, ice cream and gelato will also be offered at La Pirogue’s sister resort next door: Sugar Beach. 

There will be some seriously moreish gelato flavours on offer
The sensational gelato flavours that will be on offer at La Pirogue and Sugar Beach are sure to impress even the fussiest gourmets. From biscotti (biscuits), pure pistachio and mandorla (almond) to bubblegum, tiramisu and Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut), you are bound to find your new favourite flavour of gelato.
You can have homemade sorbet and ice cream every night (if you wish)
Those who want their fill of homemade ice cream and sorbet will be thrilled to hear that they will be served at the evening buffets every evening at La Pirogue. These delicious treats will also be available on Magenta’s menu for guests on the all-inclusive basis and made available at Sugar Beach. 

You’ll be able to spot the gelato cart a mile away
What is some beautiful authentic Italian gelato without a classic, old-style gelato cart to sell it? For those in search of this creamy goodness, all you need to do is head to Le Morne Beach Bar at La Pirogue where you will spot the stylish cart selling your favourite flavours between lunch and dinner. There will be an a la carte gelato menu that will incur an additional fee (i.e. over and above your board basis). Trust us, it’s worth it (and diets are not for holidays anyway!). The mouthwatering gelato will also be offered at Sugar Beach. 
Want to make sure that you don’t miss out on these tantalizing ice creams? Head to the sublime La Pirogue and Sugar Beach on the sensational sunset coast of Mauritius this summer!

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