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Trou aux Cerfs

June 17 2019

One of the best things about the tropical paradise of Mauritius is how much the magical island destination actually offers adventurous guests looking to soak up every moment in this unrivalled “heaven on earth”. 
Apart from the obvious tropical allure and a clutch of tourist hotspots and must-sees, the island holds many “secret” spots and underestimated sights, perfect for the traveller who enjoys taking the road less travelled. 
Amongst religious temples, jungle-like terrain, tea plantations and brilliant sugar cane plantations in the interior of Mauritius, there’s an incredibly special place; the dazzling oasis of Trou aux Cerfs. A truly breathtaking and unique natural attraction, close to the town of Curepipe, the magic of Trou aux Cerfs (also known as Murr’s Volcano) centres on a dormant volcanic cone and crater which sits approximately 605 m above sea level and has an estimated diameter of 350 m and depth of some 100 m. 
Interested in finding this special spot for yourself? Then this is what you need to know about Trou aux Cerfs:
The crater is extremely old
The first thing you will notice when you arrive at this amazing site is the huge crater and crater lake that sits, uncharacteristically, surrounded by beautifully thick, lush indigenous vegetation and giant green pine trees. 

Trou aux Cerfs Mauritius

The volcano that lies here is said to have erupted just once some 700 000 years ago, but the crater itself is said to have formed in the second phase of the volcanic activity that created the island of Mauritius in the first place, some 2 million years ago. While the volcano is deemed to be dormant, there is the possibility that it could become active once more and it is said that this can happen at any time in the next 1 000 years. 
The site is famous for its panoramic views

View from Trou aux cerfs

One of the most alluring features of Trou aux Cerfs is definitely the 360-degree panoramic views. From here, you can overlook Curepipe and the gorgeous Rempart Mountain, Trois Mamelles, and the Moka mountain range—it makes for an exceptional and memorable experience as well as great photo opportunities. 
It has three main access points 


Trou aux Cerfs is accessible from La Hausse de la Louviere Road, the Edgar Huges Road and from Crater Lane. Here you should find parking easily enough so that you can make your way to the site. The crater itself is only accessible via a steep embankment which can be very dangerous, especially when the path is wet, so be careful if you decide to take it. 
Fancy a jog?
Something interesting about Trou aux Cerfs is that this green sanctua - if you are an avid jogger and feel like getting involved, that’s a good time to do so.
Otherwise, there is a wonderful sitting area here where you can sit back and enjoy the phenomenal natural surrounds. Because it lies on the central plateau of the island temperatures can be cool, so be sure to bring a light cardigan with you.
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