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How Sugar Beach creates memories

Unforgettable memories are those created by special experiences with your loved ones. They are marked by extraordinary circumstances, extra touches and surprises, set in the most breathtaking locations. Perhaps these moments are created as you relax in utter luxury by the tranquil, glittering waters of the Indian Ocean, or to the backdrop of a mesmerising sunset. Perhaps the moments occur as you learn to make delicious Mauritian delicacies in a cooking class, or while you watch an expert mixologist flair as he makes your cocktail, infused with a local rum. Allow us to delight you during your holiday in paradise with our unique set of fulfilling experiences so cherished moments can create timeless memories. 

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  • Sunrise and Sunset

    Take advantage of the magnificent location of Sugar Beach with our island-inspired experiences at sunrise and sunset. Begin each day in a fabulous way with our sunrise fitness classes followed by a refreshing detox juice or a scrumptious breakfast on the beach. Welcome in the dusk in equally fantastic ways; from sunset SUP and special sunset rituals to extraordinary dinners and novel sundowners—we invite you to an array of exceptional sun-kissed experiences during these remarkable natural spectacles.
  • Sun Luxury Moments

    Let us take you back in time to an era characterised by exceptional personal touches, signature service and unparalleled luxury. We aim to spoil and delight our guests every day with exceptional Sun Luxury Moments that turn into lifelong memories. From our exciting welcome ritual to the carefully considered extra touches in our rooms and the array of unique classes on offer for guests, we aim to ensure each moment of your island holiday is extraordinary.
  • Sun Mixology

    Indulge in refreshing tropical delights at any of our magnificent bars and allow yourself to ease into 'holiday mode'. With expertly trained mixologists and stellar bartenders, we invite guests to embrace our Sun Mixology. From signature Sugar Beach cocktails and beachside sundowners to novel concoctions, mixtures centred on the local rum and daily tasters in one of our restaurants, we aim to excite your senses with exotic drinks to accompany your tropical holiday.
  • Sun Kids

    Keeping our mini Sugar Beach fans safe, entertained and happy while on holiday is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we have a plethora of exciting, age-appropriate activities and offerings reserved just for these very important guests. From creative arts and crafts, cooking classes and talent shows to spa days, outdoor cinema evenings and incredible excursions, our Sun Kids are sure to have the holiday of their lives.
  • Sun Golf

    Our golfing guests are in for an unparalleled holiday with Sugar Beach and Sun Golf. From the moment you arrive to the second you leave, we hope to make your golf getaway magical. In addition to special packages and access to some of the best courses and academies in Mauritius, we offer complimentary golf initiations, golfers menus and spa treatments as well as golf-themed surprises on birthdays at the hotel itself—a golfing holiday with us promises to be extraordinary.
  • Sun Memory Lab

    Your dream holiday in the African sun deserves to be captured in style which is why we have created an unbelievable offering with our Sun Memory Lab. Here, you can hire state-of-the-art photographic equipment to ensure your favourite holiday moments are captured in stunning and creative ways. Our in-house photographer can help you to take the best shots or you can make the most of our carefully selected selfie spots for swoon-worthy pictures.
  • Sun Beach

    Our flawless beach is the ultimate place to spend long, lazy days in the sun. To ensure our guests have a memorable beach experience, we have introduced a number of signature Sun Beach offerings. From novel lunch menus and dedicated beach butlers on hand to take care of your every need to seaside massages and VIP daybed packages, we aim to make your time spent on our glorious beach everything you could ever dream of.