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Delicious, fresh, fruity cocktails are synonymous with the finest beach holidays. Be in awe of our talented barmen and our array of delectable island-inspired signature cocktails, concocted by expert mixologists. Whether it’s to celebrate the sunset or to set the mood for our lobster barbeque, our incredible mixologists are sure to impress you.

Expertly crafted blends

Our phenomenal signature cocktails are not mere combinations of interesting flavours; they are veritable artworks, carefully crafted by expert mixologists and beautifully presented. Our cocktail mixology is in a class of its own, with inventive mixes of tropical flavours centred on gin, champagne and rum. Watch our mixologist flair with style, sip your favourite signature cocktail on the beach or find the perfect accompaniment to the lobster barbeque. You can also indulge in our daily tastings which will be a discovery in either excellent wine, the local rum or exciting new cocktails.